Wisdom on the Power of Intention

February 2, 2012

[Excerpt from my post at ByTheSpirit.net]

The most essential part of decision-making and taking action is setting an intention. It is the creative spark that is made manifest in your thoughts which, in turn, direct your actions.

Regardless what resolutions you’ve made for this new year (or haven’t) you have set into motion an intention. It is either conscious or unconscious but your intention is in fact being set in each moment. Therefore, in each moment a new opportunity is created to reset your intention. Do it consciously. Do it lovingly. Do it with respect to what you really want and who you really are.

Reflect on the following passage and RESOLVE to align your intention with that of Spirit:

“Intention is not just about will—or about resolutions we make on New Year’s Eve with shaky hope in our hearts—but about our overall everyday vision, what we long for, what we believe is possible for us. If we want to know the spirit of our activities, the emotional tone of our efforts, we have to look at our intentions. When my hand reaches to offer someone a book, only my heart knows whether I’m doing it because I like the person or because I think, “Well, I’ll just give her this and perhaps she’ll give me what I want in return.”

Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention.” Sharon Salzberg, Oprah.com

Know that your intentions need not be conditional or dependent on anyone or anything else, just clear. And if you are unclear, resolve to manifest a clear intention. Set in motion a new chain of thoughts that will ultimately lead to a new chain of events and outcomes. This all happens in the moment. One intention at a time.

Love & Light,

Tonya Marie

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