woman in prayer poseWelcome to this sacred space where you are encouraged and supported in connecting to the quiet, still small voice of God/Spirit/The Divine that is communicating to you in each moment.

I invite you to join me in my 100 Days of Wisdom™ Project as I learn, grow & share all of the spiritual wisdom the Divine is constantly sharing in the stillness within and all around me.

The Whisper is a  moment that contains a spiritual spark of divine wisdom. That divine, intuitive feeling that says “go here, not there” or “do this, not that”. And yet we, as co-creators, have a choice and we can choose to follow this divine whisper … or not.

The Wisdom in the Whisper resources available here are intended to support you in rising in all circumstances to your highest and best self by listening to and learning from the “wisdom in the Whisper” when you first hear it.

When Wisdom whispers … listen!