WITW™ Lessons

Wisdom in the Whisper™ lessons are the “take aways” and “aha moments” Tonya Marie finds in the teachable moments of her spiritual journey.

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Lesson #1

12/27/2011: Reinvention isn’t about changing who you are but (re)discovering the person you were created to be! It’s about dwelling in the moment, in “the zone”, where you unconsciously and consistently achieve your desired results with the highest level of proficiency. [Learned from author and Reinvention Expert Steve Olster’s 2011 interview on 11:11 Talk Radio]

Lesson #2

1/1/2012: Although there are competitive aspects to nature, it is largely a cooperative and democratic system, an ecosystem (defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment).

One of the fundamental laws of nature is that nothing in nature ever takes more than it needs to survive and thrive. When it does it, becomes subject to this law and dies off as unnatural. For example, a single redwood tree doesn’t take ALL of the nutrients from the soil in its vicinity, only what it needs to grow. In the same way, a lion doesn’t kill ALL of the gazelle at the watering hole, only what it needs for sustenance and to support the pride.

” We have a term for something in the body that takes more than its share to the detriment of everything else that surrounds it. We call it… CANCER.” [Learned from Tom Shadyac’s I AM! The Film]

Lesson #3

1/8/2012: In every moment, plants are involved in an intricate process of reaching for the light. They grow up, over, under, sideways and with the assistance of other structures that have already achieved height to reach what they require and desire – and what energizes them – the sun.  Plants, having evolved on this planet for millions of years and well before humankind, are our best guides on how to grow, adapt, cooperate, compete, survive and evolve intuitively to find our own shine, as I say in my signature poem “Find Your Own Shine”. [Read the complete WITW lesson learned from “Plant” episode of the Life series, narrated by Oprah Winfrey and as seen on Super Soul Sunday (OWN).]

Lesson #4

1/15/2012: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, author of Stroke of Insight reminds me that I am responsible for the energy I bring to any situation. Through her own awareness and lessons she teaches the power and importance of energy; indeed it is the life force within and all around us. [Read the complete WITW lesson learned from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on Super Soul Sunday (OWN)]

Lesson #5

1/23/2012: Mark reminds me that people who matter not only don’t care that I am not “perfect” by some external measure, they encourage me and stand with me in being perfectly ME. People who matter don’t spend a lifetime or any time trying to change me into something I am not. They encourage, support and love me toward the fulfillment of my divine calling; who it is I was placed on this earth to be. Not some projection of perfection or the dream or expectations of someone else fulfilled through me, but the “me” that shines when I am living, loving and being … unapologetically and on “purpose”. [Read the complete WITW lesson learned from Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening]

Lesson #6

1/26/2012: Having a miracle mindset changes everything … literally! [Read the complete WITW lesson learned from Albert Einstein’s quote on miracles.]

Lesson #7

2/14/2012: I survived Valentine’s Day 2012! This lesson is my advice and reflections on how to love after the loss of a relationship and to move past “the bathroom experience”. [Read the complete WITW lesson #7]

Lesson #8

2/17/2012: What I learned from my Nana about being fearless. Resolve. Commit. Just DO It! [Read the complete WITW lesson #8]

Lesson #9

2/29/2012: “Your biography doesn’t determine your destiny; your decisions do.” … and other lessons learned from Tony Robbins on Oprah’s Next Chapter®. [Read the complete WITW lesson #9]

Lesson #10

3/5/2012: The old saying about having “a good cry” is more fact than fiction. It turns out, there are physical, emotional and spiritual benefits to crying. Tears are often our “stepping stones to joy”. [Read the complete WITW lesson #10]

Lesson #11

3/14/2012: What I Learned About Love from Thich Nhat Hanh. [Read the complete WITW lesson #11]

Lesson #12

3/24/2012: What I learned from Mark Nepo about never losing sight of the Light! [Read the complete WITW lesson #12]

Lesson #13

6/17/2012: Lessons learned from Sarah Ban Breathnach about asking for what you need in order to receive the life you desire. [Read the complete WITW lesson #13]

Lesson #14

6/29/2012: What I learned from Mark Nepo about the power of being visible! [Read the complete WITW lesson #14]

Lesson #15

7/28/2012: what I learned from Evan Sanders at the Better Man Project about how letting go of everything you have can give you everything you need! [Read the complete WITW lesson #15]

Lesson #16

8/25/2012: What I learned from Mark Nepo about being my “SELF” and why my real, authentic self is more than enough. [Read the complete WITW lesson #16]

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