WisdomintheWhisper.com is based on the substance of a series of spiritual books, tools and media collectively titled Wisdom in the Whisper™ by Tonya M. Evans sometimes known spiritually and creatively as Tonya Marie Ray.

These resources will help you to explore ways to re-establish and maintain your connection to the divine and to assist you in developing the wisdom of discernment to recognize God’s voice in the midst of all the mind chatter we endure.

Wisdom in the Whisper resources are intended to support you in rising in all circumstances to your highest and best self by listening to and learning from the “wisdom in the Whisper” when you first hear it; before the messages become louder and louder and demand our attention. That “demand” often manifests as “dis-ease” physically, mentally and emotionally.

A Message from Tonya Marie

Wouldn’t it be so much better personally and collectively if we heard, heeded and acted upon the whisper the first time?

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I seek my own discernment and spiritual maturity. Thank you for listening and learning along with me, one Whisper at a time.

Love & Light,

T. Marie

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