100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 83 – The Wisdom of Physical Wellness

Wisdom Day 83

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Our bodies are amazing. They respond to everything little thing going on in our lives. To heal and stay in balance, we must remember that it is our job to nurture and support our bodies the best that we possibly can in any given moment. We must remember to be patient, forgiving and kind to ourselves. We must stop pretending that we know what is best for us and ask our bodies to guide and help us. Our bodies are incredibly happy to communicate with us, we just need to remember to slow down and make it a priority to listen. TheDailyLove.com

healingcrystalsOur bodies are living, breathing and dynamic. They are connected to mind and spirit. So it makes sense that our physical health is often a physical manifestation of our inner mental and spiritual health. For example, have you ever seen someone who has a smile on their face and says all the right “happy things” but has sadness in their eyes? Or have you ever experienced someone who seems to wear their emotions (anger, rage, depression) like an over-sized, heavy coat? They can seem weighed down, burdened, broken even when they say everything is “A okay”.

India Arie recently talked with Oprah Winfrey about her experience of singing positive, affirming songs but feeling lost, insecure and drained on the inside and how her challenge with acne mirrored her inner turmoil and “eruptions”.

We’ve all seen it and, probably, lived it. And there are certainly times when life and all of its challenges, disappointments, heart aches and breaks manifest in the way we feel. But acute (READ: temporary or situational) challenges can become chronic physical ailments when we stuff, deny or disconnect our physical from our mental and spiritual selves. All of that dynamic energy that could radiate outward can also get trapped within.

I carry my pain and stress in my stomach. Over the years it’s manifested in a number of ways. From the onset of an ulcer in my early 20s, to reflux throughout my life and all manner of digestive issues. I’ve treated the symptoms with traditional medicines but the real progress has come from changing my thoughts, my energy and my attitude and radiating connection and wellness.

And I’ve learned that Prevacid may have its temporal place, but real and lasting wellness and stasis come more from a daily dose of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. Sometimes I need less antacid and more acceptance of the lessons in the challenges. I also need sufficient periods of rest and reflection to help me attune myself to what my body is saying about my mind, spirit and my overall wellness.

Through this process I re-align my SHINE, re-connect mind, body and spirit so I can RADIATE a new reality.

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us. Everything from when it desires quiet or company, physical touch or physical exertion, a good cry or a good laugh, water or wine (well, maybe just MY body :-))… and the list goes on. The challenge is sometimes slowing down long enough to hear it and finding the courage to listen and lovingly surrender to what my body really needs in any given moment … especially when my mind screams GO but my body whispers no.

Let’s take some time today and every day to listen and learn from our bodies and RADIATE the divine wellness that already exists within. Because even in the midst of poor physical health there is a divine spark of wellness that burns within and wants only to RADIATE outward.


I invite the bright, warm, healing divine light within to RADIATE wellness in all ways!

Be well … & WISE!

Tonya Marie


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