Awaken to the healing power of speaking your truth

“What is most healing about bearing witness to things exactly as they are, including my own part in my pain, is that when the voice of the pain fits the pain, there is no room for distortion or illusion. In this way, truth becomes a clean bandage that heals, keeping dirt out of the wound. To voice things as they are is the nearest medicine.” ~ Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening (2/21/2012)

woman standing on a dockEmpowered with The Book of Awakening in my hand each day, I face and embrace over and again the ever-present desire within me to walk, talk, think, feel, dream and “BE” … authentically. I am so grateful to Mark Nepo for the reminder, the encouragement, the lessons and blessings in his story, his journey, his example and his awakening.

The entries encourage me to return to stillness and turn away from the obsessive distraction of needing to have “the right answer”, to somehow figure it all out or identify why it all went terribly wrong in my humble estimation.

I am reminded that I can see what was or, most importantly, what is without getting lost in it.

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