100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 85 – The Wisdom of Grace

Wisdom Day 85: The Wisdom of Grace

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What is Grace?

“Grace is the benevolent, powerful, unwavering energy of the universe that guides you to the best version of yourself. When you tap into it, your day-to-day becomes increasingly effortless, more enjoyable, and more vibrant – and life overflows with love, fulfillment, and joy.” Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation on Grace 

20 Inspirational Bible Verses about GRACE

Greetings and Blessings,

On Friday, June 26, 2015, President Barack Obama delivered a powerful and moving eulogy for Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was murderer by a 21-year old unemployed, high school drop out who shamelessly killed the Reverend and 8 members of the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.



Be well … & WISE!

Tonya Marie

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100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 44 – The Wisdom of Collective Action

Wisdom Day 44

Read about the 100 days of Wisdom™ Project by Tonya Marie

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Source: Philly.com

“Wisdom reflects a capacity for sound judgment, discernment, and the objectivity to see what is needed in the moment. Collective wisdom reflects a similar capacity to learn together and evolve toward something greater and wiser than what we can do as individuals alone. This book emerges from a deep conviction that we have a stake in each other and that what binds us together is greater than what drives us apart.”

~ The Power of Collective Wisdom: And the Trap of Collective Folly ~

November 7, 2012


How fitting it is that on the day after the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was re-elected for another term, I send my 44th message in my quest to reflect and share during my 100 days of wisdom! I’m taking a few liberties as I am a few days behind in scheduling and #44 was “technically” planned for November 2nd. But who’s counting (other than me, of course).

Although I usually focus on the wisdom we can receive from Spirit within, today I focus on the wisdom of collective action; when people gather and share a common intention and action for a common good. When a group, however similar or diverse, puts the good of their community above their individual pursuits. When individuals come together to share their time, talents and treasures for a common purpose and benefit by harnessing the strength and wisdom found only in collective action.

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. 

~Kenyan Proverb~

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Wisdom Lesson #5: Mark Nepo reminds me that people who matter love the authentic ME!

“And how many times, once trained in self-sacrifice, do we have the opposite conversation with ourselves; our passion for life saying yes, yes, yes, and our practical guardedness saying, don’t be foolish, be realistic, don’t leave yourself unprotected. But long enough on the journey, and we come to realize an even deeper aspect of all this: that those who truly love us will never ask us to be other than we are.” ~ Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

I was first introduced to Mark Nepo’s soul-inspiring book through an interview on Oprah’s Soul Series on XM Radio. I saw the interview recently on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. And after hearing the interview replay on XM I decided to buy The Book of Awakening and buy copies for others as well (just like Oprah did!). She was right. This gem is not the type of light you hide under a bowl. It’s meant to shine for all. It’s the type of wisdom you receive and then share.

Mark reminds me that people who matter not only don’t care that I am not “perfect” by some external measure, they encourage me and stand with me in being perfectly ME. People who matter don’t spend a lifetime or any time trying to change me into something I am not. They encourage, support and love me toward the fulfillment of my divine calling; who it is I was placed on this earth to be. Not some projection of perfection or the dream or expectations of someone else fulfilled through me, but the “me” that shines when I am living, loving and being … unapologetically and on “purpose”.

So the bottom line is …

“people who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind.”

Instead of always foregoing what’s in your best to meet the expectations of others for what you should have, do or be, decide for yourself. When people ask you to be something you are not, it means they don’t know you. Not really. Either they have not taken the time to know you or you haven’t allowed them in close enough to know the real you.

Rather than pleasing others for their sakes, please your self for your own sake. Your life is the only life you actually have control over so be a good steward. When you say yes, mean yes. When you say no, mean no. Align your thoughts, decisions, actions with the frequency and cadence of your own heart beat.

When your heart sings you become more of your self, the self God intends for you to be.