Wisdom in the Whisper™ Lesson #2: What I learned from Tom Shadyac’s I AM

WITW™ Lesson #2 – 1/1/2012: Learned while watching I AM! The Film, by Tom Shadyac

Although there are competitive aspects to nature, it is largely a cooperative and democratic system, an ecosystem (defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment).
One of the fundamental laws of nature is that nothing in nature ever takes more than it needs to survive and thrive. When it does it, becomes subject to this law and dies off as unnatural. For example, a single redwood tree doesn’t take ALL of the soil in its vicinity, only what it needs to grow. In the same way, a lion doesn’t kill ALL of the gazelle at the watering hole, only what it needs for sustenance and to support the pride.
We have a term for something in the body that takes more than its share to the detriment of everything else that surrounds it. We call it… CANCER.

January 1, 2012

Today I yawned, stretched and opened the shades to invite the beautifully warm sunlight to baptize my room. I woke up content with the way I ushered in the New Year and eager to do everything and nothing, depending on where intuition led me.

Then I remembered it was Sunday! And not just any Sunday, but Super Soul Sunday on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. An all new episode was airing. I remembered how much I wanted to see this episode but couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was about!

I went to the kitchen to get my coffee started, then turned on the TV and fired up my laptop to live tweet with the other Super Soul Sunday fans. I’d already missed the beginning of the show, but I jumped right in ready to social network & blog my way through the morning.

Tom Shadyac’s brilliant film, I AM! was on. Instantly I remembered why I was supposed to be watching at 8 AM sharp!!

This film is so full to overflow with wisdom it’s a challenge to take it all in or distill it into a single blog post or sound bite. But I’ve attempted to paraphrase one of the essential threads of wisdom that connect the various swatches of insight in today’s WTIW Lesson.

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Wisdom in the Whisper™ Lesson: What I learned from Steve Olsher – Living in “The Zone”

WITW Lesson #1 12/27/11:

Reinvention isn’t about changing who you are but (re)discovering the person you were created to be! It’s about dwelling in the moment, in “the zone”, where you unconsciously and consistently achieve your desired results with the highest level of proficiency.

Today I listened to Simran Singh’s interview of Steve Olsher “Reinventing YOU in 2012” on 11:11 Talk Radio and it was just what I needed to hear. Of course, there are no accidents in life so I’m not surprised. I just continue to be thrilled and in awe of Spirit’s ability, desire and willingness to manifest for me what I require and desire when I ask with an open heart and loving expectancy.

The Wisdom Lesson above is my paraphrasing of my overall away from Simran’s interview with Steve.

Steve Olsher is known as America’s Reinvention Expert. He wrote award-winning book Journey to You and created the Reinvention Workshop that provides a step-by-step guide to reach and maintain excellence in every aspect of your life. He walks the walk and has devoted his life’s work to showing others how to do the same. He subscribes to the belief that it’s better to empower others to succeed than to give the people the proverbial fish.

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