100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 20 — Get Good Counsel, But Do Your Own Decidin’ (Nana’s wisdom)

Wisdom Day 20

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“Get good counsel, but do your own decidin’!” a favorite “Nanaism” by my Nana Celeste Jones Borden


I love this picture I took in December of 2011 of my Nana. She was resting in her favorite recliner completely enveloped in a warm bright white light, as all Angels are.

To hear her tell it though, she was “resting her eyes”. This explanation, of course, is despite all outward appearances to the contrary — especially that all-too familiar lean-to-the-right — suggesting that she’d actually nodded off.

But resting her eyes is probably the better explanation. Try to change the channel, for example. You’d soon find out just how not asleep she was. Did I mention she also had a mean right hook?

In retrospect, there’s a really good chance she was actually deep in thought, contemplating her existence, weighing her options.  Continue reading