Wisdom Lesson #4: I am responsible for the energy I bring.

Credit: NASA Web site

On Super Soul Sunday (OWN) this morning Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Series interview of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor re-aired. During the interview she described her stroke experience and the profound awareness she learned in the process.The story is beautifully chronicled in her book A Stroke of Insight.

Essentially she had a massive hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain, the side that controls thought, learning, rote functions and all of the egoic thoughts with which we ordinarily identify. What remained was the intuitive, emotional, sensory “big picture” functioning of the right hemisphere of her brain. [more info on how the brain works]

She was aware that she was alive and connected; both a part of and wholly made of a loving, cooperative system of organisms working together for her good, her peace, her existence.

In fact, she was reborn! She had to re-learn a “self” because the “37-year old doctor and daughter self” she was “pre-stroke” had passed away in a mere 4-hour time span and no longer existed. Why and how? As a result of the stroke she lost her emotional baggage, memories of hurts, slights, pains, history, education and her “story” of who she was seen through the lens of a lifetime of events and relationships. She got a fresh start; she was indeed reborn again. Continue reading