Matching Your Soul with the Goal

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February 10, 2012

by Tonya Marie

Resolving to do something is just the first step toward actually manifesting your intended goal. Anyone who has already broken most or all of their New Year’s resolutions can attest to the fact that having “resolve” without a firm commitment to stick with it is basically talking the talk without walking the walk.

The knee-jerk commitment, as I call it, is almost an epidemic. We are all so accessible and moving at such a fast pace through life we often don’t have or create the space we need to pause and consider what we are agreeing to before we say yes. Sometimes we are quick to say yes and commit ourselves only to just as quickly begin to regret that we agreed to something that requires more than we are able or willing to give. Our intention is actually something other than what we’ve agreed to. Maybe we want to seem agreeable, likeable, lovable or worthwhile. Sometimes we are keeping up with the Joneses (whoever they are!) or trying to honor other’s expectations of who they think we should be.

And then there are times when we are both willing and able but we are paralyzed by doubt. We think too long about all the things that could go wrong (or right). A sense of doubt creeps into our minds and fear (aka the dream killer) stands between our soul and our goal.

Sometimes it is a fear of failure. But even more often, it’s a fear of success. We get caught somewhere between resolving with our minds to do or not to do something and actually committing to the task at hand with our hearts. Without a firm commitment to live wholeheartedly, we become disconnected; words from deeds, thoughts from actions and soul from goal.

Don Miguel Ruiz Sr. counsels us to “Be Impeccable” with our words. The Bible advises not to be double-minded. It also teaches that our words do not come back void. This means each word we speak is an offering of an intention. When we mean what we say, we make a commitment with a single-minded focus. And a single-minded focus with a divine intention is what is required to COMMIT and to align your soul with your goal.

We know a tree by its fruit. If you are not bearing the fruit you desire, reset your resolve and then COMMIT to make the necessary changes, one positively wholehearted intention at a time.

Wisdom in the Whisper™ Lesson #2: What I learned from Tom Shadyac’s I AM

WITW™ Lesson #2 – 1/1/2012: Learned while watching I AM! The Film, by Tom Shadyac

Although there are competitive aspects to nature, it is largely a cooperative and democratic system, an ecosystem (defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment).
One of the fundamental laws of nature is that nothing in nature ever takes more than it needs to survive and thrive. When it does it, becomes subject to this law and dies off as unnatural. For example, a single redwood tree doesn’t take ALL of the soil in its vicinity, only what it needs to grow. In the same way, a lion doesn’t kill ALL of the gazelle at the watering hole, only what it needs for sustenance and to support the pride.
We have a term for something in the body that takes more than its share to the detriment of everything else that surrounds it. We call it… CANCER.

January 1, 2012

Today I yawned, stretched and opened the shades to invite the beautifully warm sunlight to baptize my room. I woke up content with the way I ushered in the New Year and eager to do everything and nothing, depending on where intuition led me.

Then I remembered it was Sunday! And not just any Sunday, but Super Soul Sunday on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. An all new episode was airing. I remembered how much I wanted to see this episode but couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was about!

I went to the kitchen to get my coffee started, then turned on the TV and fired up my laptop to live tweet with the other Super Soul Sunday fans. I’d already missed the beginning of the show, but I jumped right in ready to social network & blog my way through the morning.

Tom Shadyac’s brilliant film, I AM! was on. Instantly I remembered why I was supposed to be watching at 8 AM sharp!!

This film is so full to overflow with wisdom it’s a challenge to take it all in or distill it into a single blog post or sound bite. But I’ve attempted to paraphrase one of the essential threads of wisdom that connect the various swatches of insight in today’s WTIW Lesson.

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