100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 68 – Expect GREAT things (you deserve them!)

Wisdom Day 68

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“Kick off the New Year with a miracle mindset. Begin each day with a prayer for peace and happiness. Say out loud or to yourself: Thank you, inner guide, for reminding me of all of the love and light in my life. I welcome positive support throughout this day. I expect miracles. This daily prayer will jump-start your day with a miracle mindset and awaken your consciousness to the greatness around you.”

From “Expect Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein

Reflecting on the end of another year is a tricky proposition. Every bit of advice about how to ring in the New Year encourages us to take stock of what was, to assess our “year in review” and to identify everything we’d like to do over (or just do) in the new year. In short, the end of the year often encourages us to turn our attention to a “fearless moral inventory” of our past.

But Gabby’s advice reminds us that no manner of “instant replay” can give us the clarity we need to see, objectively, where we are in the present moment. We need, instead, to acknowledge where we are and then to look forward with eager expectation for MIRACULOUS moments in our future. Instead of lamenting on what was, wasn’t or could have been, we should focus our time, attention and energy on manifesting MIRACLES.

The most authentic and empowered way to usher in both a new moment and a new year is to give thanks for all you’ve learned and accomplished, for all of the guidance and wisdom you’ve received, and with gratitude to expect great things to manifest in your future! Because, after all, you aren’t what you think you are … you are what you think. Selah.

It’s time to expect MIRACLES. To, with eager anticipation, fully embrace the goodness of an authentic, vibrant, full and fulfilled life. That life awaits your permission to manifest. And you harness your ability to manifest in the next moment by acknowledging how far you’ve come and by expecting miracles now and in your amazing future.

Affirm, meditate and pray on the miracles you wish to see unfold in your life. Align your desires with the Divine. Plant the spiritual seeds of manifestation today and watch miracles take root and blossom. It takes faith! But, thankfully, only the size of a mustard seed. Believe. Affirm. Expect miracles. Happy new YOU!

Be well, miraculous … & WISE!

Tonya Marie


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