100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 20 — Get Good Counsel, But Do Your Own Decidin’ (Nana’s wisdom)

Wisdom Day 20

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“Get good counsel, but do your own decidin’!” a favorite “Nanaism” by my Nana Celeste Jones Borden


I love this picture I took in December of 2011 of my Nana. She was resting in her favorite recliner completely enveloped in a warm bright white light, as all Angels are.

To hear her tell it though, she was “resting her eyes”. This explanation, of course, is despite all outward appearances to the contrary — especially that all-too familiar lean-to-the-right — suggesting that she’d actually nodded off.

But resting her eyes is probably the better explanation. Try to change the channel, for example. You’d soon find out just how not asleep she was. Did I mention she also had a mean right hook?

In retrospect, there’s a really good chance she was actually deep in thought, contemplating her existence, weighing her options.  Despite an unbelievably sharp mind, spot-on wit and the magnetism for which we Leos have become famous, her body was starting to betray her more than ever before. In fact, just three and one half months after this picture was taken (on March 30, 2012) she transitioned from this earth and returned to the Source of all creation at the young and fabulous age of 103 years old.

Perhaps she was at a crossroads. Maybe she was doing the kind of contemplation – the kind of deciding – that required her to close her eyes and unplug from the outer world in order to plug into the Divine wisdom within needed to help discern what was in her best interest given all the advice and counsel from doctors, family and trusted friends.

There must have been a lot going through her mind and heart at that time. But she wasn’t gripped with anxious thoughts or worry. She was peaceful, contemplative, joy-filled, grateful, centered and grounded. She was resting in perfect peace and in the power that comes from being in control of one’s own life rather than ceding that control to others.

Nana lived life on her own terms. But she always made informed decisions (big and small, alike) by consulting with those whom she respected and trusted, and whose opinions she valued. But, in constant consultation with God, she always did her own deciding.

Nana’s wisdom is constantly being whispered to me.

I spend some part of each day leaning to the right “resting my eyes” in my own favorite, sun-soaked chair. I too am constantly reconciling all of the external counsel I receive about my personal and professional life with my indwelling Counsel – God –  so I can do my own deciding from a position of power rather than allowing others’ wishes, my fears or the circumstances to dictate the next step I take.

Regardless of the stage of life you find yourself in and the daily decisions you need to make, Nana’s wisdom can serve you well too. In each moment you are faced with choices about what’s in your best interest and what makes your heart sing. Remember you are creating your tomorrows out of the decisions you make today.

So commit to receiving good counsel and to always – in constant consultation with the Divine – do your own deciding.

Be well … and WISE!

Tonya Marie


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