100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 19 — Loving Yourself is Bliss (lessons from don Miguel Ruiz)

Wisdom Day 19

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When the love comes from somebody else, we can feel it and it’s nice, but when we feel our own love, it is the best thing that can happen to us.  We live in heaven; we live in bliss. ~ don Miguel Ruiz


I am so grateful this morning to know authentically and for myself the truth of don Miguel’s words! And I declare and affirm that I absolutely, positively love myself. All of me. Wow. That does feel good!

Although receiving love from others through their words, actions, loyalty, forgiveness, compassion and grace is heavenly, we enjoy true heaven on earth when we feel our own love from the inside out in all of those same ways.

We also love ourselves by believing in our essential goodness and our divine greatness. We demonstrate self-love by telling ourselves the truth, by accepting both the light and the shadow sides of our selves without limit or judgment and by being aware of what we require and desire to live an abundant and fulfilled life and investing any and everything to get it.

We love ourselves by being who we were created to be without apology and by accepting the guidance of our intuition rather than giving into our fears or the perceived judgments of others. Self-love requires our time, attention, awareness and connection to our divine self because God/Source/Spirit is Love.

Today, be the love, acceptance, happiness and joy you seek in others; the Love you were created to feel and to be. Remember we are called to love others as we love ourselves (See Mark 12:31). And the heavenly act of loving others begins with the heaven of love inside of you.

Be well … and WISE!

Tonya Marie


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