100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom Day 17 — What I learned from Oprah about turning wounds into wisdom

Wisdom Day 17

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“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Five simple words; infinite power and truth.

In these five words Oprah reminds me that in life I will experience all sorts of physical, emotional and spiritual wounds (understatement of the year). But because of free will, I have the power to choose to learn from these wounds. And because of Spirit (my divine nature, my God self) that dwells within me, I have the power to learn from these wounds and transform them into invaluable lessons.

In turn these divinely inspired lessons lift me to my higher life purpose, my reason for being. My wounds are my divine assignment, my greatest spiritual teacher and part of the wisdom constantly being whispered to and through me. They give me new information and therefore another opportunity to “know better” and choose to “do better” with each breath that centers me and each step that propels me forward.

So today I embrace the wounds I’ve experienced. I examine them with a divine balance of childlike curiosity, loving heart and a decidedly mature mind.  I remain open to life’s lessons knowing that the Creator prepares and provides. I affirm I am wiser as a result of my willingness to embrace what is in each moment and to see it differently. Instead of failure and regret, I choose to see and accept wholeheartedly the Wisdom in each wound.

I am grateful for the lessons and I RELEASE the anything not aligned with gratitude and love. I rest in the truth that I am stronger and more prepared for whatever may come.

Because of my wounds and my decision to transform them, I am wise.

Be well and WISE!

Tonya Marie


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