Web Wisdom: The importance of play & being young at heart from the DailyOm

Okay, so I am sharing this from my office surrounded by piles of to-dos with hard (not soft) deadlines. But I am so grateful for this wisdom from the Daily Om today. Well, actually it hit my inbox fourteen hours ago … sigh … but the point is, folks, I finally took a moment to breathe and sift through the host of e-mails to find the one with the perfect dose of wisdom for me.

This reminder is right on time (also known as the Divine time). The time when I needed to receive the message the most. May just go tiptoe through the tulips for a moment or three before settling back into my to-dos. Now, it is far more likely they’ll actually get done; and get done well, with a clear, settled mind, open heart and willing spirit … and also in a timely manner now that I’ve paused to breathe in the fullness of life, a life that requires at least as much play as work.

This life, when well lived, includes plenty of room to be young at heart; to laugh and to play early and often! And so it is. See you on the playground. Last one to the swings is a … well, you know the rest. 🙂
Relax, have fun, swing, be well.

T. Marie

Excerpt from The DailyOm – Leo Daily Horoscope

Be Young at Heart [7/28/12]

“Giving ourselves the time and space to play allows us to unite with the parts of ourselves that are often lost in our grown-up world. So often our lives become bogged down with responsibilities that seem to bind us to everything but the present moment. We worry about what we’ve done in the past or fret about our future prospects. But when we play we learn to relinquish our fears. By connecting to the youthful part of ourselves, we tap into our ability to remain in the flow of the moment. What people think of us or the things we are afraid of dissolve as we connect to the part of us that is truly free. By letting yourself play today you will discover the freedom of the present moment.”

For more information visit dailyom.com.

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