Wisdom Lesson #9: What I learned from Tony Robbins about Destiny!

Credit: George Burns via Oprah.com

I’ve listened to the Tony Robbins interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter every time I can catch it on Oprah Radio and OWN. It is one of those life-changing AHA episodes that you can learn umpteen new things from every time you experience it.

The latest “never thought of it that way” moment I experienced was when Oprah and Tony were discussing the impact (positive or negative) of the “story” about our lives that we continue to tell. We tell it to whomever will listen. And we tell it to ourselves.

Our “story” of our life may be biography, or memoir or pure fantasy. It’s accuracy isn’t the point, says Robbins. What matters is whether repeating the “story” ushers you closer toward your best self or keeps you weighted down in lack, limitation and fear.

To me, the most powerful words in their spiritual and spirited exchange on the topic were:

“Your biography doesn’t determine your destiny; your decisions do.”

Wow! Profoundly simple. And true. And wise. It’s one of those loving truths that is whispered to us continuously. The type of Wisdom in the whisper whose voice is drowned out by our own as we shout our “story”.

Today I choose to lovingly say “shhhhhh…” to that part of myself that (re)tells any part of my “story” (true or otherwise) keeping me from the truth of who I am. My intention is to return to love, as Marianne Williamson says; to focus on making the next right choice.

And by right I mean any decision that keeps me on my right path, in lock step with my Creator walking toward my highest and best good, my true destiny. One Wisdom whisper and decision at a time.

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